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You’re stuck on a legacy platform such as OpenACS or dotLRN. OpenACS was awesome, industry-leading software during the late ’90’s and early 2000’s, but since then has dropped off into obscurity. A dwindling developer community has left you without resources and with escalating costs. You’ve know the following all too well:

  • Finding programmers who know OpenACS is really hard.
  • Finding programmers still willing to work with OpenACS is even harder.
  • You feel like all the money you spend on OpenACS is money thrown away.
  • You feel stuck with your current vendor, and want to lower your hosting and maintenance costs.

You want to migrate to a more modern platform and take advantage of new technologies.

  • You’re tired of programmers saying something can’t be done because OpenACS is too old.
  • You’ve heard of technologies like Ruby on Rails is on the cutting edge of web technologies, driving the industry forward.
  • You know that there are tens of thousands of Ruby on Rails developers out there, so you’ll never be stuck without a developer again.

Liquid Media has over 12 years OpenACS and dotLRN development experience and has helped organizations such as the Land Trust Alliance and the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association gently migrate from OpenACS to Ruby on Rails.

Liquid Media will work with you to replace your existing application, piece by piece, maintaining your current OpenACS or dotLRN installation along the way. We’ll help keep your budget under control, and reduce your technology and programmer risk.

Talk to us to learn how Liquid Media can help you migrate away from OpenACS.

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Liquid Media has been developing OpenACS applications since 1999, Ruby on Rails since 2005 and JavaScript since 2009. We love working with clients who love creating great software. We believe in Open Source Software, and contribute where we can. We love cool technology, but we especially love making cool technology help businesses work smarter, grow faster, and save money. We are located in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — a great jumping-off point to cities across North America and Europe.