JavaScript excellence, integrated into your project

You’ve heard the buzz in Silicon Valley that JavaScript is the future of the web. Your project needs a powerful, fast, scalable rich user interface and/or a super-fast lightweight server. You want the features of Flash, but something that will run on iPad and iPhone. You want your project to be intuitive and compelling as well as standards-compliant and accessible.

You’re looking for a team that is:

  • On the forefront of and leading in JavaScript development.
  • Actively working on projects using JavaScript technologies such as jQuery and Backbone.js.
  • Experienced not just with client-side, but also server-side development.
  • Capable of assembling a full JavaScript, rich user interface that is fast, easy-to-use, accessible and scalable.

Liquid Media has been working in web application development since 1999 and has always stayed on the cutting edge. We have a track record of satisfied customers and delivered applications. Liquid Media will work collaboratively with you to build the application you want.

  • Our iterative approach to development guarantees that you’ll see real business value delivered on a weekly basis.
  • We will respect your budget in the face of changing requirements and help prioritize business-critical features.
  • Your vision and your business need — not technological whims — will be driving the project forward.
  • Our small, tightly-knit team of developers will bring deep technological knowledge to your business domain.
  • We will help develop a long-term product strategy that integrates with your growing business.
  • We will help you form a deployment and scalability strategy that lets you optimize costs now but be ready for future growth.

Building something awesome? Let us help.

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Liquid Media saw the light of full-stack JavaScript development in 2009 and since then has been helping its customers realize that vision. We believe in Open Source Software, and contribute where we can. We love cool technology, but we especially love making cool technology help businesses work smarter, grow faster, and save money. We are located in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — a great jumping-off point to cities across North America and Europe.