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Business Process Automation & Migration

The Land Trust Alliance has worked with Liquid Media on multiple projects over the past several years and it has always been a successful partnership—they are honest, thoughtful, professional and responsive to our needs. We always feel that Liquid Media is looking out for our best interests, which as a non-profit is particularly important. Highly recommended!

KC – Information Services Manager, Land Trust Alliance

Do you ever look at your business and see your employees — whom you’re paying with real hard cash — doing tasks that a computer should be doing? Here are some of the signs your business could be improved with customized software solutions or web development:

  • you and/or staff are planning, making projections or building operating procedures with Excel spreadsheets
  • workflows can get hung up on barriers; staff are ready to work but the process is slowing them down
  • staff are manually copying and pasting data as part of a regular task
  • workers are not sure if they are using the right version of a spreadsheet
  • you cannot track the source of data irregularities
  • your staff have to wait for each other to finish using “the file” before they can do their work
  • managers are using their email inbox as their to-do list
  • leads & jobs get lost in inboxes; staff struggle to follow up on projects

If any of these points sound familiar, Liquid Media can help.

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