WeGoWeGo.com is a Toronto events, nightlife and venue search engine. Users at the “point of decision” for what to do tonight can quickly search through the extensive database using up to seven “search facets” including neighbourhood, activity, scene, price and date. Users can create an account or log on using Facebook Connect to add reviews and ratings for venues and events.


When WeGoWeGo approached Liquid Media, the application was near feature-complete, but the search system was non-performant and yielded inaccurate results.


Liquid Media, together with WeGoWeGo, re-evaluated the assumptions and implementation of the then-current search engine. We found that the data in the database, as well as the search system were both culprits in the non-performance and inaccuracy of search results. Liquid Media recommended restructuring the data structure as well as migrating to the Open Source Apache Solr search engine.


After restructuring WeGoWeGo’s data and migrating to Apache Solr, search durations dropped to 1/20th of their previous time. Search accuracy was also dramatically improved. As a result of these critical improvements, WeGoWeGo has been able to take their product to market and test the waters for north american expansion.


Since WeGoWeGo’s launch, the events search space the application occupies has increasingly moved online. Liquid Media and WeGoWeGo are in discussions for building a mobile web application that will run on a variety of smartphones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.