Urtak is an innovative surveying/polling startup whose surveys, called “urtaks”, only give three choices per question: yes, no, and don’t care. Urtak’s users can create their own “urtaks” and have their membership respond and ask their own questions. Urtak’s highly addictive site was getting very popular, but users’ interactions were constrained to Urtak’s walled garden.


Urtak’s users needed to visit urtak.com to use their site, which is a big ask for a surveying/polling application. In spite of being addictive, Urtak’s growth was constrained.


Liquid Media developed an “Urtak widget” that users can embed on their own site or blog, just like a YouTube video. The Urtak widget is managed centrally, updates are deployed automatically, and non-technical users can easily add the power of Urtak directly to their site.

This widget was developed as a full JavaScript application that connects to Urtak’s back-end Ruby on Rails server. Communication between client and server uses JSONP technology to avoid cross-domain browser security issues.

Since then, Liquid Media also developed a Facebook App version of the Urtak widget that can be added to your Facebook Page, bringing the highly addictive Urtak experience to the world’s largest social network.


In the year since launching the Urtak widget, the number of poll responses has tripled. The Urtak widget has been embedded on sites internationally, including notable news sites such as the home page of Colombia’s El Tiempo and Canada’s CBC (see Smart Shift, an article on the water crisis, and the Meltdown documentary page). The CBC is also using the Urtak Facebook app on its DocZone page.

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