Lime (Enterprise License Management)

Lime (Enterprise License Management)

Lime is an in-development enterprise software license management tool, developed by Liquid Media as its own Software-as-a-Service offering.


s hard enough for an individual to track software licenses coverage on a single desktop; imagine how hard it is to track software licenses across an enterprise of 5000 or 50,000 computers located across the country or around the globe.It

  • How many Microsoft Office licenses do we need?
  • What software is the 80-person startup that we just acquired running?
  • Can I upgrade this computer to a more recent version of Windows?
  • Do we have an extra license so I can run Photoshop?
  • Are there any computers in my network that I t have a software inventory for?don
  • Which servers are licensed to run SQL Server?

Moreover, having accurate installation information gives you leverage in contract negotiations.


Lime is now in beta at various enterprise companies and will be launched in early 2011.