ClearFit is an online personality assessment tool for employers tests job seekers’ personality traits against the traits that are most appropriate for a particular job.


ClearFit, then called Careerious, had a legacy application written C#/.NET. Due to the architecture of the legacy application, ClearFit’s development moved at a glacial pace and was accompanied by high costs. For a startup with minimal revenue, this situation needed to be reversed.


ClearFit approached Shindig and Liquid Media to re-develop the application using Ruby on Rails. Andrew Burke documented the process in an article titled Fixing Careerious: From C#/.NET to Ruby on Rails.

Liquid Media also managed the deployment of ClearFit to Amazon EC2, allowing ClearFit to run “in the cloud” and take advantage of the high scalability of the Amazon Web Services platform.


ClearFit was entirely rewritten in three months to use Ruby on Rails. As a result of improved algorithms, crucial calculations such as the job matching routine which used to take over a minute, now take less than a second.

Since the migration to Ruby on Rails, ClearFit has enjoyed very fast development cycles which have allowed them to try new features and target new markets quickly and at low cost.