ClarityRetail is a Software-as-a-Service consumer demand forecasting/estimation solution for the retail industry. ClarityRetail creates UPC-level forecasts on a store-by-store basis, using historical sales data and a range of other influences such as price, promotion and seasonality.


Invatron, the company behind ClarityRetail, has over two decades of experience in the retail sector. For over a decade, they have been providing an installed demand forecasting solution for fresh item management called Periscope. ClarityRetail is Invatron’s endeavour to turn Periscope into a hosted software-as-a-service solution. Invatron turned to Liquid Media to assist in building a SaaS experience for ClarityRetail.


In order to help Invatron get ClarityRetail online as quickly as possible, Liquid Media developed ClarityRetail as a simple front-end application that handles customer sign-ups and file uploads. Customers can self-register for ClarityRetail and can begin uploading sample files — point-of-sale histories, item lists, etc. — almost immediately. As files are transferred to the ClarityRetail server, they are in turn transferred to Invatron’s back-end forecasting software.

In order to allow scripted customer uploads to ClarityRetail, Liquid Media developed an API for the upload module: customers can use HTTP to upload files automatically on a regular basis.


Invatron was able to launch ClarityRetail without needing to reassign internal resources, who are all skilled in traditional application development, to learn how develop a SaaS front-end.