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Innovative Ideas and Client Projects

  • Urtak.com

    Urtak is an innovative surveying/polling startup whose surveys, called “urtaks”, only give three choices per question: yes, no, and don’t care. Urtak’s users can create their own “urtaks” and have their membership respond and ask their own questions. Urtak’s highly

  • Lime (Enterprise License Management)

    Lime is an in-development enterprise software license management tool, developed by Liquid Media as its own Software-as-a-Service offering. Problem s hard enough for an individual to track software licenses coverage on a single desktop; imagine how hard it is to track

  • WeGoWeGo

    WeGoWeGo.com is a Toronto events, nightlife and venue search engine. Users at the “point of decision” for what to do tonight can quickly search through the extensive database using up to seven “search facets” including neighbourhood, activity, scene, price

  • ClearFit

    ClearFit is an online personality assessment tool for employers tests job seekers’ personality traits against the traits that are most appropriate for a particular job. Problem ClearFit, then called Careerious, had a legacy application written C#/.NET. Due to the architecture

  • Land Trust Alliance

    The Land Trust Alliance, headquartered in Washington DC, provides tools, education, and support to its membership of over 1700 land trusts operating throughout the United States. In collaboration with the Land Trust Alliance, over the past decade, Liquid Media has developed

  • Pennsylvania Land Trust Association

    The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association (PALTA), based in Harrisburg PA, is the statewide advocate for its 70 member land trusts. PALTA required a series of web sites for a variety of audiences who needed a variety of different

  • ClarityRetail

    ClarityRetail is a Software-as-a-Service consumer demand forecasting/estimation solution for the retail industry. ClarityRetail creates UPC-level forecasts on a store-by-store basis, using historical sales data and a range of other influences such as price, promotion and seasonality. Problem Invatron, the company behind